The Mass Affluent Market: Defining the Global Opportunity



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For banks looking to increase their turnover, targeting the mass affluent represents the single greatest return for effort. Effectively engaging with the segment will, on average, result in four times as much business for a bank with no change to overall customer numbers.

Understand best-practice examples from competitors within the market and where the mass affluent fit in bank strategy.
Size and forecast the mass affluent market across the globe.
Compare mass affluent and mass market cross selling opportunities

In which countries is the mass affluent sufficiently developed to be a viable market?
Where will the mass affluent market see the greatest growth?
How much more business can a mass affluent client base bring a bank?
What is the mass affluent cross selling opportunity?

Key Highlights
What makes the mass affluent so attractive as a segment is not simply the greater business opportunity that they represent. The segment is not simply the mass market, on steroids. There are real business benefits that result in larger margins per customer.

The mass affluent provides several opportunities for banks to earn income from a greater range of products. While banks will always be in the business of making loans, the mass affluent provide a useful opportunity to earn income from non-credit related activity such as insurance, asset management and facilitating payments.