The Mass Affluent Market: Forecasts and Future Opportunities



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Economic growth remains critical for the growth of the mass affluent, and will be particularly pronounced over the forecast period. The mass affluent generally inherit little of their wealth and generate the bulk of their liquid assets via earned income. Income growth is a critical element determining the segments growth

Understand best-practice examples from competitors within the market and where the mass affluent fit in terms of strategy.
Size and forecast the mass affluent market across the globe.
Identify challenges and road blocks in targeting the mass affluent segment.

In which countries will the mass affluent opportunity be sufficiently developed so as to be a viable market in five years' time?
What are the factors driving growth in mass affluent numbers?
What are the critical success factors that need to be addressed to maximize returns from a mass affluent program?

Key Highlights
The largest opportunities for companies looking to engage with the mass affluent segment lie in the growing Americas and Asia Pacific. The faster economic growth in these regions will see faster growth in upper middle class assets, where the mass affluent are to be found.

The mass affluent are an attractive, high growth segment for any financial services provider, but this is not to say they are without their challenges. Players targeting this group have to contend with more demanding clients with a wider range of needs.