Santander UK: Retail Banking Competitor Profile



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This profile benchmarks Santander's customer satisfaction, customer trust, and customer perception ratings in terms of innovation and digital offerings against its rivals and the industry as a whole. It looks at the bank's penetration in key product areas, cross-holding rates, and marketing. It also analyzes the bank's key financials.

Gain an insight into customer perceptions of Santander on issues of account satisfaction, trust, and innovation.
Discover Santander's market share in key product areas.
Learn how Santander compares against rivals and the industry on key metrics.

What do Santander customers think about the bank?
How does Santander compare against its competitors on key metrics?
What is Santander's marketing strategy?

Key Highlights
Santander customers are less satisfied with their personal current account compared to the national average.

Santander is the largest challenger to the Big Four, to the extent that it is often included as part of a new Big Five.

The bank is looking to expand its presence in current accounts and business banking in an effort to establish itself as a full service bank.