What Consumers Want: Home Emergency Insurance



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The What Consumers Want: Gadget Insurance dashboard offers data on the behavior of consumers, their take-up of gadget cover, and their preferences regarding purchasing channels and providers. Our dashboard simplifies and enhances your analysis in a graphical and interactive interface.

Use this interactive tool to explore results from a survey of 4,000 consumers, enhancing your analysis of how consumers choose to purchase insurance.
Focus on specific consumer demographic segments, with the ability to filter results by age, gender, income group, and liquid assets held.

What is the take-up of home emergency insurance and through which channels do consumers across different age and income groups prefer to purchase?
Which providers were most often chosen by consumers when purchasing cover, and have they claimed on their policies?

Key Highlights
The What Consumers Want: Home Emergency dashboard offers data on the current level of take-up of home emergency insurance, what type of cover was bought, how it was purchased, from which provider, and whether a claim has been made on the policy.