UK Pensions 2013



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This brief provides a comprehensive analysis of the UK pensions market including sizing the market for new business premiums, as well as forecasts.

Analyze the areas of growth and decline in the pensions market.
Assess competitor performance, including premiums and ratio data.
Explore likely changes to the pensions market in the next five years.

Which companies are the dominant providers in the pensions market?
How are pension products distributed?
What types of pension products have grown and declined in the last five years?
How will the pensions market change in the next five years?

Key Highlights
The individual pensions market witnessed year-on-year growth of 8.7% APE, while group pensions declined significantly by 27.2%

Independent financial advisors remain the dominant distributor within the pensions market, owning a 90.0% market share in the individual market and a 82.0% share in the group market.

The pensions gap in the UK remains high, with 68% of workers in the private sector not paying into a pension.