Beer Market Insights Africa 2015: In-depth Analysis of Key Companies, Brands, Volume, Value and Segmentation Trends and Opportunities in the Beer Market




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Beer Market Insights Africa provides the reader with both quantitative and qualitative analysis of beer markets across the African continent, highlighting opportunities and potential barriers to entry. A brief history of each market and major player is also provided to offer context for current trends and issues.

Key Findings
Africa will be the fastest growing region, outstripping Asia and Latin America

Established monopolies within markets are increasingly being challenged

Brewers are developing products to directly challenge the home brew segment and its yielding good results

Premium beer is outperforming the overall market

An Executive provides an overview of the region. The prevailing economic conditions and a brief history of the regions brewing is discussed and likely future developments are discussed and opportunities highlighted along with probable barriers. Regional data tables providing data for consumption, productions, imports and exports are provided covering 2009-2015F, population data is also provided.

Each market is then addressed and includes the following

A key facts table based on 2014 data (including top line volume, per capita consumption, CAGR, Market value, price segmentation)

Market commentary covering current and emerging trends

A series of data tables (based on 2014 unless otherwise stated);

Top 10 beer brands volumes (2012-2014)

Top 10 international premium and superpremium brand volumes 2012-2014

Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees

Beer market valuation

Beer production/trade/consumption 2004-2015F

Beer production/trade/consumption-growth 2004-2015F

Beer market valuation by price segment

Beer consumption by local definition

Beer consumption by standard price segmentation

Beer consumption by alcoholic strength

Beer consumption by type

Beer consumption by geographic scope

Beer all trademarks 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Beer brands by local definition 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Beer brands by standard price segmentation 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Beer brands by alcoholic strength 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Beer brands by type 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Imported brands by origin 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Beer licensed brands 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Beer trademark owners 2010-2014 (volume and share)

Beer local operators 2009-2013 (volume and share)

Beer leading brewers/importers 2010-2014 (volume and share)

A series of pie charts (based on 2014 data)

Leading brewers/importers

Beer consumption by price segment

Mini profiles for each brewer of note in the market including contact details, brand volumes and brief comment.

Africa could be considered the most exciting region for brewers and it is certainly the most rapidly growing and this report illustrates where there are opportunities and where there are potential barriers. The markets of Africa will not grow in a homogenous way and this report discusses the markets with greatest potential. This report is essential reading for any company seeking to enter or expand in the African brewing market.