Global Juice Report 2015; Comprehensive Analysis of Trends in the Global Juice Market Including Long-term Forecasts




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Juice has seen fluctuating fortunes since 2000, recording its steepest decline of nearly 3% in 2014. The global economic crisis, rising raw material prices, crop shortages, exchange rate fluctuations and concerns around the sugar content of juice have all contributed to reshape the worlds juice landscape. As in other soft drinks categories, Asia has become the burgeoning force, with its share of throat increasing by seven percentage points to close to 18% in 2014; in stark contrast to North Americas 12 percentage point fall to 36% (since 2000).

Key Findings
A significant challenge to juice consumption in western markets is the waning of the traditional at home breakfast occasion. In the USA, UK and Germany, for example, the growing trend to breakfasting on the go has had a notable affect on orange juice consumption in particular. Orange still tops the flavor ranking in all regions, bar East Europe where apple ranks first, but global consumption has dropped significantly since 2000

Coconut waters (100% juice variants) is a vibrant segment in the juice flavor profile. In the USA, further strong double-digit growth is forecast for 2015 as the range of coconut water variants steadily expands. Aided by numerous celebrity endorsements of its hydration and lifestyle health benefits, coconut waters have quickly gained a premium image and foothold in the juice market

Packaging is playing an increasingly important role in how juice producers present their products, particularly at the premium end of the market. For those consumers who are interested in natural and pure juices and prepared to pay the premium, companies sustainability practices, reduction of material usage and packaging recyclability credentials are also important

Canadeans Global Juice report covering over 80 countries, provides:

Top line production, import, export and consumption volume from 2009-2014 with forecasts to 2018

2013-2014 volume data by segment, flavour, key company, packaging and distribution (on-/off-premise), with 2015 forecasts

Details of key new product launches in 2014 by company

Overview of the competitive landscape in the Juice market, with analysis of key company performance

Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind both current and emerging trends in the Juice market

The Global Juice report allows you to evaluate forecast projections to 2018, enhancing your understanding of the evolving trends and consumption patterns

The report is arranged by region, with accompanying country profiles giving you a comprehensive view of current and emerging trends and opportunities to support your corporate strategic planning

Identify the current and emerging trends and future growth opportunities in the global juice market to assess the likely impact on your companys performance

Interrogate the data to understand both the historic and likely future performance of the global juice industry by region and country to support your long-term strategic planning