Global Executives Survey: Counterfeit Avoidance - Viewpoint and Recommended Strategies




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Concerns surrounding counterfeit goods are increasing among FMCG organizations. As expenses incurred towards counterfeiting are manageable, the focus is on increasing the adoption of counter measures, such as educating consumers, registering trademarks, and the adoption of unique packaging techniques.

Key Findings

  • Executives who operate in Asia-Pacific are more concerned about the issue of counterfeit goods as compared to those operating in other regions
  • Educating consumers and registering trademarks are preferred strategies used for protecting products against counterfeiting
  • 50% of executives operating in North America and Europe expressed that their organizations incurred very minimal expenses in overcoming counterfeiting
  • Unique packaging as a measure to safeguard products against counterfeiting is preferred by large companies when compared to smaller companies
  • Selling products through certified stores is the least preferred strategy for medium-sized companies when it comes to safeguarding against counterfeiting


Canadean's Global Executives Survey: Counterfeit Avoidance - Viewpoint and Recommended Strategies examines executives' opinion about organizations concerns centered towards counterfeit products and highlights preferred approaches taken to combat counterfeiting including expenses incurred during the process. Organizations can also understand effectiveness of protective measures.

What else does this report offer?

  • Concern about counterfeit goods: examine the level of concern about counterfeit goods
  • Countermeasures adopted against counterfeit goods: know the organizational level status on combating counterfeit goods
  • Expenses incurred towards overcoming counterfeiting: track the level of expenditure allocated to avoid counterfeiting
  • Effectiveness of measures used for protection against counterfeit products: analyze FMCG industry executives' opinion about effectiveness of steps used against counterfeit products