Hot Drinks: Identifying the latest trends for beverage manufacturers in the hot drinks industry




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Hot drinks are a regular part of consumers' diets, however, generally the category risks being considered old-fashioned and boring, or appealing only to connoisseurs. Other opportunities exist to launch premium products in the market. Genuinely innovative products, such as those featuring more extreme ingredients, providing consumers with an opportunity to create latte art at home, or targeting brain health will create the buzz and re-invigorate brand's image.

Key Findings

  • In traditionally "tea" countries, such as Russia and China, the coffee category will grow faster than hot tea
  • In traditionally "coffee" countries, such as Italy and Brazil, the hot tea category will grow faster than coffee -
  • The desire for relaxation and indulgence are key motivators when it comes to hot drinks consumption. Brands can target this by highlighting the superior taste sensations of the product, as well as positioning it as accompanying moments of "me-time"
  • Hot drinks that cater to consumers' busy lifestyles, such as those that create breakfast or snacking occasions will become more popular
  • The market will see more hot drinks aimed to provide busy consumers with an additional energy boost, such as featuring guarana, matcha, or even nuts and seeds
  • Cross-promotions of hot drinks with foods and snacks will help to maximize taste sensations derived from Hot Drinks consumption
  • In the long term, natural sweeteners will see more convenient packaging designed for hot drinks consumption


Hot Drinks: Identifying the latest trends for beverage manufacturers in the hot drinks industry maps opportunities according to whether they meet niche or mass-market needs, and whether they will come to fruition in the short or long-term. This will help manufacturers and retailers to identify the needs worth targeting and to time new launches correctly. What else does this report offer?

  • Identifies key consumption motivators behind consumers' desire for hot drinks
  • Identifies key target groups and categories
  • Explains how to effectively target the desire for relaxation and superior taste sensations
  • Over 70product innovation examples targeting consumers niche and mass-market needs let the reader take inspiration from the most innovative launches