Brand Competition and Consumer Preference of Smart Wearables in Taiwan



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Using big data analytics, this research covers all top smart wearable brands sold on Taiwan's major online discussion forums, Mobile01, LineQ and PTT, with following analysis dimensions: brand ranking by the number of items available, ranking by sales, number of times online users mention about a particular brand, brand preferences, factors affecting purchase, as well as online shoppers' comments and analysis of opinion leaders. All those dimensions help build a massive social media database with an aim to more accurately reflect consumer needs in China.

Table of Contents

1. Executive summary 

1.1 Brand Position 
1.2 Brand Awareness 
1.3 Opinion Leader Analysis 

2. Research Objective 

3. Brand Position Tracking 

4. Brand Awareness 

4.1 Apple Watch Reviews 
4.2 Garmin Fenix3 Reviews 
4.3 Xiaomi Mi Band Reviews 
4.4 Samsung Gear S Reviews 
4.5 ASUS ZenWatch Reviews 
4.6 Sony SWR10 Reviews 
4.7 LG G Watch R Reviews 
4.8 Jawbone UP24R Reviews 
4.9 Lenovo Moto360 Reviews 

5. Opinion Leader Analysis 
5.1 Apple Watch 
5.2 Garmin 
5.3 Mi Band 

6. Conclusion 
6.1 Brand Competition Analysis 
6.2 Consumer Preference Analysis 

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies 

Table 1: Opinion Leader Profile - Apple Watch 
Table 2: Opinion Leader Profile - Garmin Watch 
Table 3: Opinion Leader Profile - Mi Band 

Figure 1: Data Sources and Collection Methods 
Figure 2: Online Visibility Ranking by Branded Vendor 
Figure 3: Sentiment Ranking by Branded Vendor 
Figure 4: Factors Affecting Purchase of Major Wearable Models 
Figure 5: Factors Affecting the Purchase of Apple Watch 
Figure 6: Factors Affecting Purchase of Garmin Fenix3 
Figure 7: Factors Affecting Purchase of Xiaomi Mi Band 
Figure 8: Factors Affecting Purchase of Samsung Gear S 
Figure 9: Factors Affecting Purchase of ASUS ZenWatch 
Figure 10: Factors Affecting Purchase of Sony SWR10 
Figure 11: Factors Affecting Purchase of LG G Watch R 
Figure 12: Factors Affecting Purchase of Jawbone UP24 
Figure 13: Factors Affecting Purchase of Lenovo Moto360 
Figure 14: The Distribution of Posts that Online Forum Users Have Mentioned about Apple Watch 
Figure 15: Active Time Slots and Interest Areas of Apple Watch's Opinion Leader 
Figure 16: The Distribution of Posts that Online Forum Users Have Mentioned about Garmin Watch 
Figure 17: Active Time Slots and Interest Areas of Garmin Watch's Opinion Leader 
Figure 18: The Distribution of Posts that Online Forum Users Have Mentioned about Mi Band 
Figure 19: Active Time Slots and Interest Areas of Mi Band's Opinion Leader