Big Data in Chinas Smart City Development



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Smart cities have grown vigorously in China because of the government's policy support and their potential to alleviate pressing problems encountered by China along the way of rapid economic and urban development, including declining labor force, ongoing urbanization, and overuse of natural resources. With the completion of infrastructure and platforms in 2016, big data that span across different devices and industries will provide a great opportunity for Chinese smart cities. This report provides an overview of the recent development of China's smart cities and analyses the focal areas of their big data applications.

Table of Contents

1. Smart Cities Mitigate Urban Development Problems 3

1.1 Demographic Debt 3
1.2 Still Room for Improvement in Urbanization 4
1.3 Exploitation of Natural Resources 5

2. Smart City Development in Tandem with Big Data 7
2.1 Smart Transportation Applications to Have the Highest Market Volume 9
2.2 Smart Medical Care Built on Underlying Database 11
2.3 HD Surveillance Video Quality to Boost Big Data Applications 12
Conclusion 14
Policy Support and Urban Development Continue to Drive Chinese Smart City Development 14
Smart Cities to Adopt Big Data Applications in Diverse Fields with Different Progress 15

Appendix 17
Glossary of Terms 17
List of Companies 18

Table 1: Ranking of Reduction in Rural Population by 2050 4
Table 2: China's Carbon Emission and Economic Growth 6
Table 3: Development Highlights of Smart Cities for Major Chinese Cities 6
Table 4: Smart Cities to Develop Together with Big Data 7
Table 5: Guideline to Promote the Development of Big Data 8
Table 6: Market Volume of Big Data Applications in Smart City Sectors 9
Table 7: Focal Areas of Smart Medical Care Services 12