Global CRM Software Market with Focus on Cloud Applications (2016-2020)



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Scope of the Report

The report titled Global CRM Software Market with Focus on Cloud Applications (2016-2020) provides an in-depth analysis of the CRM software market with main focus on cloud-based CRM software or cloud applications. The report analyzes the significant trends and potential opportunities in the global CRM software market. The report provides detailed description regarding market overview, market sizing and growth, market segmentation, top players of the market and regional breakdown of market as well. The report also focuses on the available opportunities for the market and key factors that will be accountable for the growth of the market.

The report summarizes country analysis of North America, Western Europe and rest of the world in terms of revenue. North America is the largest market for CRM software. It has the largest share in the overall CRM software market. Western Europe is the second largest market for CRM software. Other regions of the world like Asia Pacific nations have the potential to grow in coming years and will emerge as top players of the CRM software market.

A brief description of competitive landscape is also provided in the report. Salesforce is the market leader of CRM software market. Top market players like, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft etc. captured large part of market share. These companies are global leaders of CRM software market.

Furthermore, the report also profiles key market players such as, Oracle Corporation, SAP, Verint Systems Inc. and International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) on the basis of attributes such as company overview, recent developments, strategies adopted by the market leaders to ensure growth, sustainability, financial overview and recent developments.

Country Coverage

North America
Western Europe

Company Coverage
Oracle Corporation
Verint Systems Inc.
International Business Machine Corporation (IBM)

Executive Summary

CRM software is broadly classified into three categories: On-Premises CRM, Cloud-Based CRM and Open Source CRM. Among these cloud-based CRM is most popular among business organizations now days. Cloud CRM means customer relationship management technology where the CRM software, CRM tools and the organizations data located in the cloud and is delivered to the end-users via the Internet.

CRM software market has shown increasing trends over the past few years. The growth in the market is due to movement of business organizations towards digital marketing, adoption of software in emerging economies like India, development of mobile and social CRM platform etc.

The key factors driving the growth of the market are increasing use of SaaS, customer experience initiatives, adoption of CRM software by medium as well as small organization and increasing usage in multiple industries like hospitals, banks and restaurants etc.