Quarterly Beverage Tracker Fourth Quarter 2015: Germany Comprehensive Quarterly Analysis of Year on Year Performance for All Commercial Beverages




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Both packaged water and carbonates achieved positive growth. Packaged water benefitted from the warm weather while price promotions boosted carbonates consumption. Energy drinks gained volume. Overall all commercial beverages growth was flat in Q4-15; whereas soft drinks and hot drinks increased marginally. Seasonal beverages were less impacted as consumers enjoyed being at Christmas markets without freezing.

Key Findings
Despite the comparatively warm weather in December, bulk/HOD water lost volume in the last quarter of 2015

Seasonal and specialty beers increased in popularity, however werent able to balance losses in other segments

Marketing support was seen for major brands of dairy drinks. Other brands and PL lines mainly focused their activities on price promotions

Hot coffee volume was aided by price promotions during the holidays

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Topline consumption volumes for Q4-2015 vs Q4-2014, moving annual totals (MAT), full year 2015 provisional data and 2016 forecasts for all beverage categories

Carbonates consumption data for Q4-2015 vs Q4-2014, moving annual totals (MAT), full year 2015 provisional data and 2016 forecasts split by regular vs low calorie, and key flavour

An economic mood indicator with an at a glance assessment of industry confidence levels, private label performance vs brands and price trends

Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind the latest quarterly trends and assumptions for full year 2016

Analysis of significant activity in the soft drinks market, including new product introductions (ranked by brand owner and detailing flavour, pack type/size, retail price and selected product shots)

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Quarterly selected retail price movements for key brands by category covering the most recent five quarters

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