Unveiling the Strategic Development and Investment Deployments of LeEco



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LeTV is the first online video service company in China to make forays into hardware. Since the launch of its set-top box C1S in 2012, the company has further released Super TV X60 and S40 in 2013, three new Le smartphones in April 2015, three new smart bikes in August and VR headsets in December. As the original "LeTV" brand soon failed to represent its myriad businesses and products under such rapid expansion, the company underwent a major rebranding to LeEco in January 12, 2016. At the same time, the rebranding has prompted the name change of LeTV.com to Le.com. Since then, LeEco has been dedicated to an ecosystem complete with "platform, content, devices, and applications" and is gearing up to become a global player with plans to build a LeEco world based on co-creation, co-development and co-sharing.

Table of Contents

1.The Rebranding of LeTV to LeEco 

1.1 LeEco's Strategic Goals 
1.1.1 Strategic Goal #1: Globalization 
1.1.2 Strategic Goal #2: Open Ecosystem 
1.1.3 Strategic Goal #3: From Synergy to Convergence 

2. LeEco Is Headed Towards the Right Direction 
2.1 LeEco's Low-Cost Devices Bundling Membership Services is Showing Signs of Success 
2.2 LeEco Subsidiaries Continues to Receive Record-Breaking Funding 
2.3 LeEco is Ambitiously Making Sound Investment Decisions and Poaching Talent from Everywhere 

3. The Need for Large-Scale Capital Investments May Put a Toll on LeEco's Path to Globalization 
3.1 Unable to Replicate Its Success Overseas, LeEco May Struggle Ahead of Its Global Expansion 
3.2 LeEco's Need for Large-Scale Capital Investment Underlines Mounting Financial Concerns 



Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

Table 1: LeEco Strategic Investments and Alliance Partners