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Testosterone industry is a prominent segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Testosterone is a steroid hormone which exerts effects on the males throughout life. Testosterone is significant for maintaining muscle bulk, adequate levels of red blood cells, bone growth, a sense of well-being, and sexual function. Low testosterone may result in decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression and loss of muscle mass. The testosterone level starts falling as the age of the person increases. Many other factors like injury or loss of testicles, chemotherapy, genetic abnormalities, chronic diseases and alcoholism may also result in low level of testosterone. Testosterone directly impacts the endocrine system, reproductive system, central nervous system and circulatory system of the body.

Testosterone replacement therapy is used for treating the low level of testosterone. Testosterone therapy is available in several forms like gels, patches, injections and oral testosterone tablets. There are various benefits associated with the therapy like an increased sex drive, increase muscle mass and an improved bone mineral density. However, studies have shown that high risk of cardiovascular diseases and prostate cancer after the testosterone therapy due to which FDA has issued regulations. Due to FDA regulations the market has suffered in the US because of the warning given through labeling done on the products but the market is coming back on track with the introduction of more efficient products. Key products like Androgel, Axiron and Otrexup are performing well in the market and many are pending for approval.

The key factors driving the growth of the market in the US are ageing population of the US, increasing healthcare expenditure per capita, decrease in fertility rate, increase in the US obese population and increased risk of developing hypogonadism. Some of the noteworthy trends and developments of this industry are introduction of oral testosterone pills and new drug, innovative gel technologies and testosterone therapy for women. However, the expansion of market can be affected by high risk of cardiovascular diseases, legal regulations and risk of prostate cancer.

The report “The US Testosterone Market” provides an in-depth analysis of the US testosterone market along with product analysis. The major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the industry are being presented in this report. The major players in the industry, Acrux, Antares Pharma, AbbVie and Endo International are being profiled. 

Table of Content

1. Testosterone Market – An Introduction
1.1 Testing Testosterone    
1.2 Symptoms of Low Testosterone    
1.3 Causes of Low Testosterone    
1.4 Biological Uses of Testosterone    
1.5. Hypogonadism    
1.5.1 Types of Hypogonadism    
1.5.2 Treatment Methods of Hypogonadism

2. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
2.1 Benefits of Testosterone Therapy    
2.2 Risk of Testosterone Therapy

3. The US Testosterone Market Analysis
3.1 The US Testosterone Market by Value    
3.2 The US Testosterone Prescriptions by Volume    
3.3 The US Testosterone Prescriptions Growth Rate    
3.4 Injectable Testosterone Prescriptions by Volume    
3.5 Injectable Testosterone Prescriptions Growth Rate    
3.6 Topical Testosterone Prescriptions by Volume    
3.7 Topical Testosterone Prescriptions Growth Rate    
3.8 Decreasing Testosterone Level of Men with Age    
3.9 Patients Opting for Testosterone Therapy by Volume in the US

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 The US Ageing Population    
4.1.2 Increasing Healthcare Expenditure
4.1.3 Decrease in Fertility Rate    
4.1.4 Increase in the US Obese Population    
4.1.5 Increased Risk of Developing Hypogonadism
4.2 Trends and Developments
4.2.1 Introduction of Oral Testosterone Pill and New Drug    
4.2.2 Innovative Gel Technologies and Convenient Treatment Options    
4.2.3 Testosterone Therapy for Women
4.3 Challenges
4.3.1 High Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases    
4.3.2 Legal Regulations    
4.3.3 Risk of Prostate Cancer

5. Competitive Landscape
5.1 Testosterone Products - Market Share    
5.2. Key Product Analysis    
5.2.1 Vibex QuickShot Testosterone    
5.2.2 OTREXUP    
5.2.3 LPCN 1021    
5.2.4 Axiron    
5.2.5 Androgel    
5.2.6 EpiPen

6. Company Profiles
6.1 Acrux
6.1.1 Business Overview    
6.1.2 Financial Overview    
6.1.3 Business Strategies
6.2 Antares Pharma
6.2.1 Business Overview    
6.2.2 Financial Overview    
6.2.3 Business Strategies
6.3 AbbVie
6.3.1 Business Overview    
6.3.2 Financial Overview    
6.3.3 Business Strategies
6.4 Endo International Plc
6.4.1 Business Overview    
6.4.2 Financial Overview    
6.4.3 Business Strategies     

Heart Attack among Men before and after Testosterone Therapy (2014)
Testosterone Products Market Share by Company (2012 -2019E) 
Difference between Vibex Quickshot and Intramuscular Injection
Difference between Oral and Injectable Methotrexate 

The US Testosterone Market by Value (2013–2018E)
Men Enrolled for Testosterone Therapy by Prior Prescriptions (2014)
The US Testosterone Prescriptions by Volume (2012-2020E)
The US Testosterone Prescriptions Growth Rate (2013-2020E)
Injectable Testosterone Prescriptions by Volume (2012-2020E)
Injectable Testosterone Prescriptions Growth Rate (2013-2020E)
Topical Testosterone Prescriptions by Volume (2012-2020E)
Topical Testosterone Prescriptions Growth Rate (2013-2020E)
Decreasing Testosterone Level of Men with Age 
Patients Opting for Testosterone Therapy by Volume in the US (2010-2015E)
Male Patients Opting for Testosterone Therapy by Volume in the US (2010-2015E)
The US Ageing Population (2007-2015E)
The US Healthcare Expenditure Per Capita (2007-2015E)
The US Fertility Rate (1970-2014)
The US Obese Population Growth Rate (2008-2014)
Hypogonadism Prevalence in Percentage by Age Group
Vibex QS T Sales Estimations in the US (2018E-2022E)
Monthly TRX (Oral and Injectable Methotrexate)
OTREXUP Sales by Revenue in the US (2014-2019E)
LPCN 1021 Estimated Sales by Revenue in the US (2016E–2025E)
Axiron Prescription Volumes (TRx) (2015)
Androgel Sales by Revenue in the US (2013-2015)
Total EpiPen Prescriptions in the US (2014-2019E)
Acrux Revenue by Products (2015)
Acrux Revenue by Geography (2015)
Acrux Revenue and Net Income (2011-2015)
Antares Revenue by Segment (2015)
Antares Pharma Revenue and Net Income (2011-2015)
AbbVie Revenue by Products (2015)
AbbVie Revenue by Geography (2015)
AbbVie Revenue and Net Income (2011-2015)
Endo’s Revenue by Segment (2015)
Endo International’s Revenue and Net Income (2011-2015)