Survey Report on Ceramide Suppliers in China




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An in-depth survey result on 18 ceramide raw ingredient suppliers currently in China, including manufacturers and traders. For each supplier of them, the information was broken down into Contact Details, Corporate Profile and Ceramide Product Details. 

This survey result shows that there are two forms of ceramide products in China market, powder and liquid. The price varies from RMB600 to RMB100000 ($90-$15000) per kilogram. Meanwhile from the ways of processing, there are naturally-extracted ceramide and chemicals-synthetic ceramide in China market. The ceramide content percentage in natural-origin product is far lower than that in synthetics. But the former is more expensive. 

The survey result also shows that there are both Chinese manufacturers but also foreign manufacturers are competing in China’s ceramide market. Foreign manufacturers do marketing via their exclusive or nonexclusive distributors in China...
Table of Contents

Executive Summary of Survey

Basic Knowledge about Ceramide
Survey Summary
Part I Survey Result on Ceramide Manufacturers

1-1 Xi'an Chukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
1-2 Shaanxi Sciphar Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
1-3 Shanghai Hope-Tec Biotechnology Inc.
1-4 Wuhan Yuancheng Group Corporation
1-5 Nanjing Spec-Chem Industry Inc.
1-6 Xi'an Hao Tian Bio-engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
1-7 Chengdu Safe Food Co., Ltd.
1-8 Hunan Jinjian Rice Holding Co., Ltd.

Part II Survey Result on Ceramide Traders
II-1 Shanghai Tsuji Trading Co., Ltd.
II-2 EISHIN Trading (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.
II-3 Sethic China Co., Ltd.
II-4 Shanghai WestChem Industry Co., Ltd.
II-5 Shanghai Yusheng Tech-trade Co., Ltd.
II-6 Guangzhou TooneChem Co., Ltd.
II-7 Guangzhou Damo Chemical Co., Ltd.
II-8 Guangzhou Juli Chemicals Co., Ltd.
II-9 Qingdao Xinyan Biotech Co., Ltd.
II-10 Shanghai Toshisun Enterprise Co., Ltd.