Success Case Study: Shiseido Wet Force Sun Care Range: Increasing a products effectiveness to overcome its seasonality




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The sun care market in the US is forecast to have a CAGR of 1.71% for the period 201620, slightly above other segments such as skincare, with a CAGR of 1.50% for the same period. New solutions marketed based on quality and featuring scientifically advanced ingredients may help to invigorate market figures and renew the category.

Key Findings
Shiseido's Wet Force range is an innovative range that improves its UV protection in contact with water. This creates a unique line that combines a positioning based on high-quality results with a clear convenient approach that avoids consumers having to constantly reapply the lotion.

The product comes in a very distinctive high-quality packaging design, created with the goal of addressing a premium market and female consumers, who are responsible for most grocery purchases in the US.

Due to its benefits, the Wet Force range is marketed linked to various contexts such as outdoor sports, a very interesting strategy that may help to overcome the seasonality of sun care products.

An advanced formulation helps companies to counteract the threat of private label brands, which over the last few years have built a higher-quality image, and also allows manufacturers to address a more premium market. This offers several opportunities if companies raise awareness about sun damage.

"Success Case Study: Shiseido Wet Force Sun Care Range" is part of Canadean's Successes and Failures research and explores the reasons for the success of this product in the US.

WHAT? Understand the characteristics of Shiseido's Wet Force sun care range.

WHY? Discover how the Wet Force range has successfully provided a highly effective yet convenient solution to US consumers.

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