Augmented Reality: Patent Analysis of Head-Mounted Display Devices



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Augmented Reality (AR) is a computer-simulated environment connecting virtual objects and reality together that can be interacted with by users via a human-machine interface device. AR technologies have been applied to a broad range of fields, including touring, education, medical technology and entertainment. This report provides an overview of the AR HMD (Head Mounted Display) devices and examines the major assignee's patent portfolios in terms of nationality, sector, and technology field.

Table of Contents

1.Overview of AR Technologies

1.1 Different Types of HMDs
1.1.1 Video See-through Head Mounted Displays
1.1.2 Optical See-through Head Mounted Displays

2. Patent Mining
3. Data Analysis

3.1 Trend Analysis
3.1.1 Patent Distribution by Country
3.3.2 Patent Distribution by Sector and by Field
3.3.3 Key Technologies & Applications
3.2 Key Patent Analysis
3.2.1 LCOS Optical Projective AR HMD

4. Conclusion
4.1 Vendors' Deployment Focuses on Optics, Audio-Visual Technology, Computer Technology, Telecommunications
4.2 Audio-Visual System, Data Processing are Core Technologies; HMI and AI are Essential to Product Differentiation
4.3 Vendors Should Design around Original Technology of HoloLens since Microsoft Has Acquired the Patent

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

Table 1: Key Technology Fields Identified by Text Mining

Figure 1: AR Head-Mounted Display Products
Figure 2: AR Head-Mounted Display Patents by Country
Figure 3: AR Head-Mounted Display Patents by Sector
Figure 4: AR Head-Mounted Display Patents by Field
Figure 5: AR Patents by Major Technology
Figure 6: An Embodiment of LCOS Optical Projective AR Head-Mounted Display