IT services market in Poland 2016




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The report includes value and dynamics of the IT services market, detailed structure of the market broken down by market segments, and shares of key players. The analysis is complemented by the development forecasts for the years 2016-2021 and the results of a survey conducted among representatives of more than 100 largest IT companies in Poland.
What is the content of PMR’s report on IT services market in Poland 

  • Value and structure of the Polish IT services sector from 2005 to 2015
  • Development forecasts for the IT services market during the period from 2016 to 2021
  • Segment analysis, including IT outsourcing, IT maintenance, IT integration, IT implementation, IT training
  • Leading IT services companies – a list of the largest companies in Poland in terms of revenue
  • Shares of key players in Poland 
  • Trends shaping the situation in the IT services industry
  • Results of a recent research study conducted among managers of over 100 of the largest IT companies in Poland, providing insight into development of the market and IT services. 

Who benefits from the analysis 

  • Managers and specialists of marketing, sales, strategy and business developments
  • Providers of IT services
  • Companies that specialise in IT outsourcing, training and consulting 
  • Potential investors in the Polish IT services market
  • Financial, government and industry organisations promoting the Polish IT sector
  • IT sector analysts, researchers and consultants. 

Why to buy the report 

  • Design development strategy and marketing / sales plans based on verified market data
  • Plan expenses and budgets on the basis of forecasts for IT industry in years 2016-2021
  • Create portfolio of IT products / services with knowledge about market potential and further competition activity
  • Prepare reports for the board and shareholders based on ready-made analyses, expert explanations and industry indicators
  • Make investment decisions regarding the IT market in Poland, including establishing a new business, entering a new market, conducting merger or acquisition.