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Select this publication for updates on the current condition of the Polish IT industry and its growth potential. You’ll also gain access to key industry indicators and expert analyses as well as the ability to rate prospects for market development in the years 2016-2021 based upon reliable forecasts prepared by PMR.
Study the value of the market and its major segments, and review the results of a managerial staff survey conducted in more than 100 of the largest IT companies operating on the Polish market using this valuable document. It also provides insight into the activities of key market participants via detailed profiles that reveal company strategy, operations and financial results. 
Benefit from comprehensive information about the Polish IT market – in a single report 

  • Value and structure of the Polish IT sector
  • Development forecasts for the IT market during the period from 2016 to 2021
  • In-depth analysis of the major market segments, including hardware, software and IT services
  • Analysis of the sub-segments of the IT market:
  • Hardware (sales in terms of volume and value, shares of key players, trends): laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors, printers and multifunction devices
  • IT services (market value, shares of key players by revenue, trends): IT outsourcing, IT maintenance, IT integration, IT implementation, IT training
  • Software (value of the market, shares of key players by revenue, trends): ERP, CRM, BI, office software, antivirus software, games market
  • Statistics on employment and wages in Poland’s IT sector – divided by employment groups, positions and specialisations
  • Leading IT companies – a list of the largest IT providers in Poland in terms of revenue, leaders in each segment: hardware, software and IT services 
  • Results of a recent research study conducted among managers of over 100 of the largest IT companies in Poland, providing insight into major trends, sales opportunities and the current situation in the industry. 

Review exclusive data from a research study of IT companies in Poland

  • The report contains the results of a dedicated survey conducted among managers of more than 100 IT companies operating in Poland. The gathered data relate to the current and future situation in the IT industry in Poland, and include the following topics:
  • Growth factors and barriers to the development of the IT market in Poland
  • The newest and most popular solutions in the field of hardware and software in both the business and consumer segments of the Polish IT market
  • Areas of IT outsourcing
  • Demand for maintenance of IT resources and consulting in the field of IT
  • Development of cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and its impact on the outlook for the IT market in Poland
  • The use of ERP, CRM and BI systems. 

Gain added insight from additional data, forecasts and research results

  • Discover which software is most commonly used within small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland
  • Review data on sales of computer equipment in Poland, including desktops, notebooks, tablets, monitors and printers
  • Explore the latest details on production and sales in the Polish market of printers, multifunction devices and other peripheral devices
  • Analyse the hardware and software distribution networks in Poland and view the list of the leading IT distributors. 

Why to buy the report
Do you want to achieve improved results in the IT industry? Keep this report handy when:

  • Planning your business development strategy for the Polish IT market
  • Creating corporate and project-based budgets 
  • Preparing operational plans for sales and marketing
  • Creating or adjusting a portfolio of IT products and IT services
  • Establishing a new business in the IT industry
  • Looking for new business opportunities
  • Preparing reports for the board or shareholders
  • Making investment decisions regarding the IT market in Poland. 

Who benefits from the analysis 

  • The report is designed to assist managers and specialists of the following types of companies in the areas of marketing, sales, strategy and business development: 
  • IT companies operating in Poland or planning activities in the market
  • Companies that sell ready-made software and create custom software solutions
  • Providers of IT services, companies that specialise in IT outsourcing, and providers in the field of IT security
  • Companies involved in the maintenance and integration of IT systems
  • Suppliers and distributors of IT equipment and hardware for all sectors of the Polish economy
  • Companies offering IT training solutions
  • Potential investors in the Polish IT market
  • Associations and industry organisations promoting the Polish IT sector.