OpportunityAnalyzer: Osteoarthritis - Opportunity Analysis and Forecasts to 2024




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OpportunityAnalyzer: Osteoarthritis - Opportunity Analysis and Forecasts to 2024


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a slowly progressive joint disease that is typically seen in middle-aged to elderly people. The disease is caused by the breakdown of the joint cartilage due to mechanical stress or biochemical alterations, which causes the bone underneath to fail. OA can occur together with other types of arthritis, such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis (RA). OA tends to affect commonly used joints such as the hands and spine as well as the weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees. The causes of OA are not fully understood. However, genetic factors, and damage to the joints, either through repeated excessive loading and stress of a joint over time (for example, the knee joint in an obese person) or by injury (such as a break or dislocation of a finger joint) increases the risk of developing OA. There is no single test to diagnose OA. Several methods are used to diagnose OA and to rule out other problems: medical history, physical exam, X-rays, blood tests, or joint fluid analysis. The structural changes that occur with old age may not be accompanied by symptoms, which makes the estimation of the prevalence of OA difficult.


- Overview of OA, including epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment guidelines.
- Annualized OA therapeutics market revenue, annual cost of therapy and treatment usage pattern data from 2015 and forecast for ten years to 2025.
- Key topics covered include strategic competitor assessment, market characterization, unmet needs, clinical trial mapping and implications for the OA therapeutics market.
- Pipeline analysis: comprehensive data split across different phases, emerging novel trends under development, and detailed analysis of late-stage pipeline drugs.
- Analysis of the current and future market competition in the global OA therapeutics market. Insightful review of the key industry drivers, restraints and challenges. Each trend is independently researched to provide qualitative analysis of its implications.