Home furnishings, equipment and DIY retail in Poland 2011




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Home furnishings, equipment and DIY retail in Poland 2011, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013 explores the current market for home improvement goods, provides in depth analysis of market changes over the past three years, describes the trends responsible, and forecasts the future patterns of market growth. It reports on consumer preferences, demand, and distribution channels such as DIY outlets, hypermarkets, online sales and specialty stores.

Readers will benefit from statistical data on the sales value of the home furnishings markets largest segments: flooring, carpeting, appliances, lighting fixtures, sanitary articles and textile goods used mainly for home decorating. They will learn how consumer focus has shifted from major DIY remodeling to smaller and more affordable projects, resulting in increased sales of merchandise suited for decorating projects as opposed to major construction supplies. A unique consumer preference survey reveals these changes and provides a benchmark for directional growth in this popular marketplace.

This report also covers trends and events influencing both the current market and future development, and describes the actions companies are taking to adapt and succeed. It presents a picture of its competitive aspects through profiles of the top retail companies dealing in DIY and home furnishings, from established leaders such as Castorama, to upwardly mobile companies like Kler and Caf