Challenges and Opportunities of the Electronics Manufacturing Industry in India



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With the high market growth potential in India, a number of companies have rushed into it with an aim to tap into lucrative opportunities, including electronics brands and manufactures. With an expected GDP growth of 7.7% in 2017, India is one of the few countries still witnessing positive growth in the PC market. This report provides an overview of electronics manufacturers in India, covering raw material, component, EMS/sub-assemblies, and end-product manufacturers; pinpoints India's advantages in developing the electronics manufacturing industry; examines the development, the supply chain, and market opportunity of desktop PC and notebook PC in India from the standpoint of manufacturers and branded vendors.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 

1.1 Research Objective and Methodology 
1.2 Target Audience 

2. Background 
2.1 Overview of the Electronics Industry in India 
2.2 India's Advantages in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry 
2.2.1 Growing Demand 
2.2.2 Positive Outlook 
2.2.3 Government Policies & Initiatives 
2.2.4 State Government Support 

3.Electronics Companies in India 
3.1 Electronics Manufacturers Overview 
3.2 Electronics Raw Material, Component, EMS/Assemblies, and End-Product Manufacturers 10

4 Development of Major IT Products in India 
4.1 Desktop PC 
4.2 Notebook PC 

5. Development of Major Players in India
5.1 Development of Desktop/Notebook PC Vendors in India 
5.2 Market Opportunities 

Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

Table 1: Features of M-SIPS Amendments 
Table 2: International Brands' Market Share and Plans in India 

Figure 1: Revenue of the Indian Electronics Industry by Segment, 2014-2015 
Figure 2: Indian Electronics Companies' Share by Category Segment and Location Zone 
Figure 3: Indian Electronics Companies' Share in Each Zone 
Figure 4: Location Details of Electronics Raw Material Manufacturing Clusters in India 
Figure 5: Location Details of Electronics Component Manufacturing Clusters in India 
Figure 6: Location Details of Electronics EMS/Sub-assemblies Clusters in India 
Figure 7: Location Details of Electronics End Product Manufacturing Clusters in India 
Figure 8: Desktop PC Supply Chain Landscape in India 
Figure 9: Notebook PC Supply Chain Landscape in India