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Sony and several other vendors started to develop micro-LED display technology in 2000. Although Sony developed a prototype micro-LED display in 2012, it never entered mass production. Besides, micro-LED display technology received little attention at that time as AMOLED, which had just entered mass production, took all spotlight. It was not until 2014, after Apple acquired micro-LED vendor Luxvue, that micro-LED displays sparked market interest again. This report analyzes the development of micro-LED displays from the perspective of patented technology, including major players, key inventors, and technological deployment.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction of Micro-LED Displays
1.1 Micro-LED Display Technology
1.2 Development of Trial Micro-LED Displays
1.2.1 µLED Display Fills in Large-sized Panel Void
1.3 Advantages of Micro-LED Display Technology
1.3.1 Higher Panel Added Value
1.3.2 Lower Power Consumption
1.3.3 Bridge Next-generation Flexible Displays

2. Micro-LED Display Patents
2.1 Micro-LED Display Patent Search
2.2 Micro-LED Display Patents
2.2.1 Number of Micro-LED Display Patent Applications
2.2.2 Top Three Micro-LED Display Patent Applicants
2.2.3 Major Patent Inventors for Micro-LED Display Technology

3. Development of Major Micro-LED Display Vendors
3.1 Luxvue
3.1.1 Trend in Luxvue's Patent Applications
3.1.2 Luxvue's Key Technology
3.2 Sony
3.2.1 Trend in Sony's Patent Applications
3.2.2 Sony's Key Technology
3.3 X-Celeprint
3.3.1 Trend in X-Celeprint's Patent Applications
3.3.2 X-Celeprint's Key Technology

4. Conclusion
4.1 Transfer (Pick and Place) Technology to Lead the Trend
4.2 Number of Patented Technologies Remains Small
4.3 Accelerate Development via Industrial Integration

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

Table 1: Trial Micro-LED Displays
Table 2: Comparison of Micro-LED Display, LCD, and AMOLED Specifications
Table 3: Search Conditions of Micro-LED Display Patents
Table 4: Overview of Major Applicants for Micro-LED Display Technology

Figure 1: Structure and Manufacturing Technology of Micro-LED Display
Figure 2: Number of Micro-LED Display Patent Applications
Figure 3: Major Patent Applicants for Micro-LED Display Technology
Figure 4: Number of Luxvue's Patent Applications by Year
Figure 5: Luxvue's Patent Models
Figure 6: Number of Luxvue's Patents by Technology
Figure 7: Number of Sony's Patent Applications by Year
Figure 8: Illustration of Sony's Transfer Technology
Figure 9: Sony's Patent Models
Figure 10: Number of Sony's Patents by Technology
Figure 11: History of X-Celeprint's Technological Development
Figure 12: Illustration of X-Celeprint's Micro-Transfer Printing Technology
Figure 13: Illustration of X-Celeprint's Stamp Technology
Figure 14: Number of X-Celeprint's Patents by Technology