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The climate has not been very helpful, as it continues to remain cold, affecting the prospects for growth. A noted migration from carbonates is occurring as consumers are searching for healthier options when it comes to choosing a beverage. This presents a future opportunity for categories such as nectars, packaged water and flavored water. Modern retail has not managed to recover from the negative first semester. Nevertheless, traditional retail was the worst affected retail channel. Although sales have been plummeting, flavor innovation has been seen throughout the year, as the main companies worked to attract consumers willing to try new options in the beverage industry.

Key Findings
- Bulk/HOD water has remained among the few categories that has managed to stay positive thanks to a very attractive price per liter.

- Refillable packaging has been the best performing segment in carbonates for the main brands.

- Enhanced water, Juice and Nectars suffered a setback in Q3-16.

- A consecutive drop for domestic whisky, and liqueurs.

Canadeans Argentina Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q3-16 covering soft drinks, dairy drinks, hot drinks and alcoholic drinks is an essential tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry performance and developments on a quarterly basis, covering:

- Topline consumption volumes for Q3-2016 vs Q3-2015, moving annual totals (MAT) and latest 2016 forecasts for all beverage categories

- Carbonates consumption data for Q3-2016 vs Q3-2015, moving annual totals (MAT) and latest 2016 forecasts split by regular vs low calorie, and key flavor

- An economic mood indicator with an at a glance assessment of industry confidence levels, private label performance vs brands and price trends

- Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind the latest quarterly trends and assumptions for full year 2016

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