Norway Cider Market Insights Report 2016




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Owing to Norway's status as a cold country in winter with a short summer period, the weather has a significant impact on consumption and demand. The spring of 2015 was marred by colder and wetter weather which negatively impacted on the all commercial beverages market, with soft drinks and alcoholic drinks particularly affected. The overall slowdown in growth throughout the past few years indicates that flavored cider may be about to hit its peak. Purely domestic brands continued to occupy very limited shares of the market.

Key Findings
- The small premium segment was also unaffected by the overall market decline seen in 2015.
- The low-calorie segment was hit particularly hard by the overall slump of 2015.
- Consumers are increasingly taking health and wellbeing into account when choosing beverages.
- The low-calorie segment presents considerable opportunities for innovation.

Canadeans Norway Cider Market Insights 2015 Report provides a complete overview of the Norway cider industry structure offering a comprehensive insight into historical background trends, 2015 performance and 2016 outlook. Covering total market (on and off-premise) the report details:
-2011-2015 actual detailed cider consumption volume data by segment, brand, brewer, packaging and distribution (on-/off-premise), with 2016 forecasts
-Top line production, import, export and consumption volume from 2005-2015 with forecasts for 2016
-Value by distribution channel 2011-2015, with 2016 forecasts
-2014-2016 selected on- / off-premise retail prices
-Details of key cider new product launches in 2015 by company
-Overview of the competitive landscape in the cider market, with analysis of key company performance
-Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind both current and emerging trends in the cider market
-Data is also available in excel format

- Gain in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Norway cider industry, from the latest competitive intelligence of both historical and forecast trends to enhance your corporate strategic planning
- Evaluate the current emerging trends and future growth opportunities in the Norway cider market to support your brand development and marketing initiatives
- Compare and track the performance of brands and brewers to develop a competitive advantage
- Understand volume vs. value trends and identify the key growth opportunities across the super-premium, premium, mainstream and discount segments to best target profitability
- Identify how brewers can capitalize on current consumer trends and increase brand volume and profit by expanding operations into new areas such as cider
- Interrogate the unique granularity of our data to analyze the market on a variety of levels to make well-informed decisions on future threats and growth prospects in the marketplace for your company
- Use our new powerpoint add-on to quickly absorb a succinct summary of the key trends in the Norway cider market
- View a selection of the key 2015 product launches and identify competitor activity and product innovation and differentiation prospects