Spirits/Mixed Drink - Canada - December 2016




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Mintel forecasts spirits sales to grow over the next five years with whisky and gin having led the charge in recent years. This growth has occurred as consumers look forward to innovation while also harkening to past eras for inspiration, such as the early 1960s serving as the milieu for earlier Mad Men episodes where Madison Avenue ‘ad execs’ stimulated their creative minds with a glass of Crown Royal whisky.

Much has also been written about the emergence of artisanal spirits, particularly under the umbrella of craft beer’s success. True, craft spirits are on the rise, yet while manufacturers should consider strategies to leverage what looks to be a growth opportunity, perspective is required. By comparison a relatively small share of Canadians factor in attributes related to artisanal craftsmanship in their choices of spirits. Rather, consumers seem more invested in considerations around flavour and brand. As such, as this Report recommends, artisanal claims should be tied to benefits around taste in order to engender broader appeal among Canada’s consumer base.