3D Printing Service Platform: Patent, Business Opportunity, and Brand Strength Analysis



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Since the technical barrier is relatively high for consumers to produce 3D printable files on their own, a 3D printing service platform has been developed to provide 3D printable files and contract manufacturing service which have lured an array of players in the 3D printing industry including hardware manufacturers, agents and distributors, software developers, and IT service providers. Furthermore, online retailers are also investing into the development and operation of 3D printing service platforms. This report provides an overview of a 3D printing service platform technologies and thorough patent data mining results that reflect major vendors' patent deployment status and technology readiness; examines the strategic planning and challenges of leading 3D printing companies such as Shapeways, MakerBot, and Autodesk. Also included are the insights about market opportunities of the 3D printing service platform for newcomers.