Future of Furnishings Products in Brazil to 2015: Market Profile




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The report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights into the furnishings products industry in Brazil, including:

  • Current, historic and forecast values and trends for the Brazilian furnishings products industry
  • A comprehensive analysis of market attractiveness, covering the key trends, drivers and challenges
  • Description and analysis of the key distribution channels and end-user markets for the furnishings products industry
  • Profiles of the top furnishings product companies in Brazil


The Brazilian furniture industry is highly fragmented with the presence of several small, medium-sized and large manufacturers, and the governments favorable housing and social programs have opened up opportunities for new industrial investment. The global economic crisis had a severe impact on the Brazilian furnishing products industry, which registered a negative growth of XX% in 2009. However, the market recovered quickly with annual growth of XX% in 2010. The Brazilian furnishing products market valued US$XXXX million in 2010 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of XXX% during the forecast period to reach US$XXXX million in 2015. The market is dominated by small enterprises, and the south-east region of Brazil, which is the richest and most densely populated region, consumes XX% of the total furniture produced. The improvement of the housing market and the growth in disposable consumer incomes are expected to drive the furnishing products industry over the forecast period. 


This report provides an extensive analysis of the furnishings products market in Brazil 

  • It details historical values for the furnishings products industry for 20062010 and forecast figures for 20102015
  • It offers a top-level analysis of individual markets, as well as category-specific market values for the reports 20062010 review period and market forecasts until 2016
  • The report provides a top-level analysis of the furnishings products markets production, distribution and consumption dynamics
  • Using Porters industry-standard Five Forces analysis, it details the furnishings products markets competitive landscape, for both manufacturers and retailers

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the manufacturing, trade, retail and demand-side dynamics within the furnishings products market in Brazil
  • Analyse key market trends and opportunities for both existing operators and prospective new market entrants
  • Assess the competitive landscape in the furnishings product manufacturing and retail sectors, enabling the formulation of effective market-entry strategies

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