Consumer Trends in the Pasta & Noodles Market in Russia, 2011




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This report provides the results for the Pasta & Noodles market in Russia from Canadeans unique, highly detailed and proprietary survey of consumers Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) consumption habits, and forms part of an overall series covering all CPG product markets.Its coverage includes, but is not limited to, consumption behaviors, the extent to which consumer trends influence their consumption and the value of the market these trends influence, brand and private label choices as well as retailer choices. Much of this information can also be analyzed by specific consumer group, providing hard and fast data on consumers and markets at the product category level.


Why was the report written?

Marketers in the Russian Pasta & Noodles market face a major challenge. Understanding market size and segmentation is valuable, but the keys to effective targeting are to know just how valuable specific consumer groups are, and to be able to quantify the impact of consumer trends.This report solves these problems by providing integrated survey-based data on consumer trends, consumer groups and market data which show exactly the size of consumer groups, how much of the Pasta & Noodles market they account for and which consumer trends drive their behavior.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

In many categories higher frequencies of consumption are seen amongst younger consumers, with these rates then falling back in early adult years. This represents a key challenge to marketers, as this is a stage where volume sales are potentially being lost, retarding overall growth in the market.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

Consumers uptake of products and the influence of consumer trends are fundamental causes of change in markets making knowing what these trends are and the extent of their influence crucial.The survey-based data provided in this report examines over 20 consumer trends that affect the market and examines the share of sales across 26 consumer groups providing through the data a detailed insight into exactly who the consumer is and just how much impact the latest consumer trends are having.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?

The data provided is unique in the market as it tracks consumer behavior through to its actual value impact on a product market. This provides readers with a unique data analysis of the market allowing marketing tactics and strategy to be updated in line with the very latest consumer behaviors.


  • Consumer survey data for the following specific categories: ambient noodles, ambient pasta, chilled noodles, chilled pasta, dried noodles and dried pasta.
  • Detailed consumer segmentation based on survey data covering over 26 consumer groups, 20 consumer trends and consumption frequency for each product category.
  • Volume shares in 2011 for brands and private label sales tracked by the survey.
  • Unique retailer choice and switching data as tracked by the survey are provided at the product category level for 2011.
Reasons To Buy

  • Unique proprietary data that sizes and segments consumers, tracks their behavior and shows the impact of this on their markets
  • Results also cover over 20 consumer trends, showing exactly to what extent these trends have a direct influence on a market. As this impact assessment is based not only on how many consumers act on these trends, but also how often they act on this it provides unique insight into the size of the prize when targeting these consumer trends in each category covered.
Key Highlights

  • Overall the total Pasta & Noodles market is worth over US$2bn and within this Dried Pasta is easily the leading category. Most noodle markets are fairly small by comparison and for those seeking to develop scale, competition within the key categories is likely to be intense.
  • While Russians dont always act on the consumer trends they state affect their consumption, these trends are having a real impact on the market. Overal,l several trends are having an impact and marketers need to be aware of which trends, in which categories, offer addressable targets to aim at.
  • In the most important category in terms of total sales Private Label products have not achieved significant share, although they have gained something of a foothold in the market. In the smaller categories Private Labels have been more successful. Branded manufacturers should therefore act now to maintain their positions and prevent further share loss to Private Labels in the future.