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Nowadays, shipping is still the most economical choice to transport large-tonnage cargos to long distance in the globe. Development of shipping industry is always linked with Global economy because if the other is stable, development of the mentioned industry will be stable as well. The bust and bloom of the industry depends totally on the fluctuation of world economy. From the global development trend of shipping industry, the shipping industry tends to be with larger investments, more scientific management and newer techniques now. The breakthrough in shipbuilding industry leads to changes in shipping pattern and structure.

In China in 2015, there were 165.9 thousand ships throughout the nation. Although the numbers of ships decreased 3.5% compared with last year, its net deadweight increased 5.7%. In the same year in China, the shipping cargo volume was 6.14 billion tonnes, which increased 2.6%. In 2016 (from Jan. to Oct.), the shipping cargo volume has increased to 5.20 billion with growth rate of 2.6% compared with the same period of 2015. Meanwhile, in 2015, the shipping passenger volume was 271 million persons in China, which increased 3.0% compared with last year. In 2016(from Jan. to Oct.), the shipping passenger volume has increased to 233 million with growth rate of 0.1% compared with the same period of 2015.

As stimulated by national policies like One Belt And One Road (which refers to The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road), the shipping industry will have a soaring development in China. It is believed that the shipping cargo volume in China will increase to 6.24 billion tonnes by 2016 while the shipping passenger volume realizing 280 million persons.
In this report, ASKCI will further disclose market potential and commercial opportunities for shipping industry in China. Recommendations will be given at the end of the report to describe the prospect and provide suggestions for strategy making.

1)The Aim of Report
-To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese shipping industry;
-To analyze current development of the industry;
-To analyze import and export situation of the industry;
-To discover drivers and barriers of the industry;
-To reveal opportunities for shipping industry in China.

2)Benefit from the Report
-Obtain latest info of shipping industry, such as supply, demand, industrial chain, import and export, key players, etc.;
-Find out how Chinese shipping market will change and how your business can be involved in;
-Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in the globe and in China;
-Learn about key market drivers and barriers;
-Share this information within your organization using free global intranet license.

The report will investigate Chinese shipping industry from the following aspects:
-Supply and demand;
-Industrial chain;
-Import and export;
-Key players;
-Future trend;
-Commercial opportunity.

3. Time Needed
Five work days needed.